Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jsunpack Website Database Optimizations

I just published some new optimizations for the database. This should dramatically improve the performance of the website.

Contact me if you need anything related to this update. I removed the search functionality (and associated RSS feeds) because that was one of the most performance intensive features on the database. While this type of function is still possible, I think I'll either have to limit terms that may be searched for or build a separate index structure so that it is better optimized.

[edit] In case you are curious, the jsunpack database has 186,459 submissions and 686,232 evalated scripts and URLs since 2010-01-29 14:17:36. This year was pretty active for web exploits. The majority of the submissions to jsunpack were publicly released in one of the RSS feeds with 167,356 submissions over this year. The opposite of that were the entries where users wished those submissions to remain private totaling 19,107 submissions.


  1. Hi,
    Great stuff :) I've been however trying to access your website, but it seems it is taking forever to respond... I was wondering if you still do the executable feeds ?

  2. Karine, I apologize that the server has been down. I've been experiencing some issues and all the virtual machines have been locked up on the server. I'm moving to a new server in the next few days and that will make the site more stable.

    The executable feed will be available soon, but isn't right now. I'll post to the blog when I get the executable feeds online.

  3. Thanks a lot for your answer and good luck with all the moving :)

  4. Hy, the best site jsunpack really!!
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