Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jsunpack-n update 0.3.1e: Bug Fixes Release

I released an update to jsunpack-n that fix some bugs and add some new features. The detection updates for this release mostly involve improvements in PDF parsing. Some jsunpack users suggested that I add better detection capabilities for PDF files and content within deflated streams. That is not yet available, but I am planning to make those updates available in a future version.

Updates 2010-03-18 version 0.3.1e
1) added LZW and RunLength decoding to
2) fixed so that streams that fail to decompress are not output
3) rooturl is now a member of jsunpack objects (to better support threading)
4) js.files now contains three entries [filename,origin,contents] (contents is new)
5) new command line argument -Q (for Quit-outputting-files), incase you plan to use the output from a python script
6) updated rules