Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Three days ... of bug hunting (and a new release) I blame python

This is the worst bug related to the project that I've encountered so far and I just spent a few days trying to find what went wrong... Well, I just found and fixed it!

I'd highly recommend NOT using version 0.3.2 because of this bug, version 0.3.2a has only a few new features but YOU SHOULD UPGRADE immediately if you use 0.3.2. Version 0.3.2 is the only version affected by this bug and it prevents jsunpack-n timeouts from killing the SpiderMonkey process (if the script never terminates).

Updates 2010-05-05 version 0.3.2a
1) implemented this.numPages, getPageNthWord, and getPageNumWords
2) fixed bug (python 2.6 only) for log_ips functionality
3) fixed REALLY BAD performance bug related to python dynamic types. This is why type checking is a good thing and why python sucks at it. Most of my python bugs are because I redefine another variable, wipe out a loop variable, or otherwise use a bad type.

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